Familia Neobalaenidae

Family Neobalaenidae - Pygmy Right Whale (1 species in 1 genus)

The single species in this family, the pygmy right whale of the Southern Hemisphere, is poorly known. Although it is in some ways intermediate between the Balaenopteridae and Balaenidae, the pygmy right whale is more closely related to the Balaenidae. Much smaller than the right and bowhead whales (< 7 m), it is slender, with a moderately arched mouthline. The head represents only about one-quarter of the total length, and there is a short falcate dorsal fin set behind midback. There is also a pair of shallow throat grooves. The skull is also somewhat intermediate; the rostrum is moderately arched (reminiscent of balaenids), but is much wider at its base (reminiscent of balaenopterids).


Genus Caperea containing 1 species:
Caperea marginata (Pygmy right whale)