Familia Platanistidae

Family Platanistidae - Ganges and Indus River Dolphins (2 species in 1 genus)

This family includes the susu and bhulan of the Ganges and Indus rivers, respectively. Animals in this family are nearly blind, and apparently rely largely on echolocation to navigate and find food. The body is small (to about 2.6 m) and “mushy.” There is a long foreceps-like beak, with front teeth that extend outside the closed mouth. The blowhole is a longitudinal slit. The susu and bhulan have no true dorsal fin, only a low dorsal ridge. The most characteristic feature of the skull is a pair of enlarged maxillary crests that overhang the rostrum.


Genus Platanista containing 2 species:
Platanista gangetica (Ganges River dolphin)
Platanista minor (Indus River dolphin)